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Senin, 12 September 2011


We are young and energic peoples from Bandung, West java, Indonesia.
and we will kick you out with so much energy of art, music, fashion, food and lifestyle! *yeaayy**
ok!  let's go!

her name is anna, she's one of indonesian mixed blood,, she's a fashion designer.. if you want to know her better, you can follow her twitter @totallytipsy uggghh like her twitter's name she's little bit tipsy,, hahah,, peaceout na!

her name is avanti vai, you can call her just vai, vai is our mother curator, hahah,, and also owners of  house.of.vai. you can seek her with folowing her twitter @avantianggia

her name is nathania, we usually call her niew, niew is not vai - vai is not niew. Niew is chinese girls who's in love with indonesian boys with a frizzy hair.. hahah.. this playfull girl loved to make something new, and you can see her collection in itsnieworld facebook account, or by following her twitter @itsnieworld :)

and the last but not least (classic bgt yeuh hahah)
her name is delima, nothing but human. follow her twitter @delimaceria and don't forget visit her blog too :)

and here we are in the one frame with the vision "we are young, we are GOLDEN"

owraitt, see you in the next post, feel free to comment, sorry for a bad sentence, hihi..
xo. xo (not a gossip girl)

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